Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Use t-nuts for your computer furniture.

The carpenter was not bemused when I laughed at the rate he quoted to make a new computer work station. I thought he was offended by my reaction.

He then decently hid his displeasure and went about justifying his rate. He said he is going to use sturdy t nuts for all the t-slots in the furniture which would hold the joints firmly.

He showed a sample of t-nut (see picture) though he assured me that for wooden furniture, he would use different t-nuts.

The t-nut appeared like a ‘T’ alright and looked like a good idea to use it in t-slots. It seemed like it can hold a lot of weight. I know I can’t apply my mathematics knowledge to find out how much pressure t-nuts can hold but I sensed it can withhold more pressure than traditional bolts and nuts.

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