Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mini spray tan machine from world’s largest tanning store.

What made people to turn to a spray tan machine even though it is definitely more expensive than traditional tanning ways? When we were all young, we loved going outside to get a tan. We were not at all bothered about exposing ourselves to natural sunlight and nothing harmful ever had happened to us.

We enjoyed the outdoor experience and at the same time got a natural tan that lasted long. Since the advent sunless tanning, we stopped visiting sunny places. We opted to get a tan by visiting beauty salons.

Now, such visits too became dearer due to time constraints and people started buying spray tan machines to use it on their own from the comfort of their home.

As years passed, heavy and big spray tan machines shrunk in size and weight; portable, mini spray tan machines found new homes. Spray tan solution even went to the labs of FDA and came out with ‘Approved’ label on it.

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