Wednesday, March 07, 2012

How to advertise Adirondack rocking chairs?

This solid looking Adirondack rocking chair made of Cedar wood looks very rustic. Look at the arm rest! It is really odd looking to me but I like it. Wooden rocking chairs are ideal for any outdoor though you find them only in game reserves. It is strange why people brand rustic furniture to remote gateways.

If I have a little bit of open ground, I would only opt for wooden furniture.

Another wrong projection is, showing aged people in rocking chairs. Won’t children or middle aged people like to relax in a rocking chair? Every advertisement of rocking chair would carry a photograph of a very old woman with wrinkles and creases, sitting on it with a half finished knit work in her hands.

Don’t you think it is a wrong way of advertising? It would put off more potential customers.

Would copywriters take a note of this valid point?

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