Friday, March 30, 2012

No fluid batteries.

Was my question so stupid? The budding electrical engineer student’s mouth was open for a long time when I asked him whether saft lithium batteries are suitable to power air-conditioners. Later, after listening to him on various scientific facts about energy storing devices, I admitted to myself that my question crossed the frontiers of stupidity.

Generally, I know Lithium batteries are preferred for laptops and cam coders as both these gadgets are mostly used for long hours and nothing but lithium batteries are best suited for this purpose. In addition, Lithium is a light weight material that makes it ideal for portable batteries.

When the engineering student (he is actually doing a research in electric energy storage) told me about batteries with no fluid thus making them leak proof, it was my turn for my mouth to fall agape. I though not much research and development had gone into energy storing.

He spoke about the usage of glass mat technology in battery manufacturing which I definitely could not comprehend.

In the end, I vowed not to talk to any engineer.

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