Monday, January 02, 2012

A rare encounter with a real angel.

This blog post is written by my husband R.Badri

To make the sweet story short, I recently met a gentleman who happen to have values in life similar to me. I was searching for a lost contact. Somehow, I remembered the details of his house and gingerly knocked on one silent afternoon.

This gentleman named Mr.Sivaraman informed that my subject () has sold his house to him in 1993. That was eighteen years before. When I explained to Mr.Sivaraman, the purpose of my visit, he invited me in (what a lovely house in excellent surroundings) and traced my friend by making a couple of calls.

I was moved beyond expression. I am a total stranger to him. In spite of that, he extended kindness that is rarely seen these days. He told me that he also believed in connecting with people and staying in touch with friends.

Would I have behaved in the same manner if such an opportunity was presented to me? Would I have had the same patience?

I sincerely doubt!

Thank you Mr.Sivaraman.

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