Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shari’s gourmet gift baskets.

My instant (probably yours too) reaction would be a get 'em here shout when I am shown a bowl of Shari’s berries and my favorite juicy cheese cakes. Look at the image here. It looks so real to reach out and sink my teeth in it.

Frankly speaking, the cheese cakes are more inviting to me than the chocolate dipped berries. A basket Shari’s berries would be a suitable gift, in fact a perfect gift for anyone and for any happy occasion.

The popular notion is such delicacies are meant only for Valentine Day gifts. I beg to differ. I would buy Shari’s gourmet gift baskets mostly for parents and elders who are usually gifted with canes and sweaters. Surely, they deserve a better deal.

I would love to see the big smile and glistening eyes on elders’ face when they look at a basket of luscious cakes and pastries.

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