Saturday, January 21, 2012

What a dip in AdSense earnings indicate?

Of late, I noticed a slump in AdSense earnings in all my blogs. Have you experienced the same?

I know the AdSense revenue fluctuates wildly for all, irrespective of the popularity of the blog or static website and such variations don't last for more than week.

Web publishers can only write quality content and try their best to attract visitors through every other Internet marketing methods or SEO strategies. None of the webmasters can do anything more to influence the minds of the visitors.

In spite of this, if there is a dip in AdSense revenue, I believe it is due to ads with headlines that are not attracting viewers to click on. If publishers witness a drop in AdSense revenue, then, Google would also experience the same.

Why blame it on ourselves? What do you say?

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