Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cheap resin jewelry molds.

I curbed my urge to reply to a question on who supplies resin jewelry molds for fun shapes because I could not understand what he meant by ‘fun shapes’. Did he mean ‘odd shaped’? I could have guided my fellow discussion board member if that was what he meant. I know one of my husband’s friends is in the business of jewelry design. He is a knowledgeable person about resign jewelry molds.

Long before, he took me on a tour of his factory which is restricted to only trusted people. I was awe struck when I saw a live demonstration of jewelry making.

The shed where the hand-made ornaments were crafted was temperature controlled for quick drying of the liquid in the molds. I was told that plastic molds are preferred by most of the jewelry makers over rubber or polyurethane molds over moulds maintenance issue.

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