Friday, January 27, 2012

Why Kohli should lead India?

I adore Kohli and I fully support his views about the ugly Aussie cricketers and non-cricketers. He said he would like to give back to the abuses he received from Ben Hilfenhaus and the crowd. He did exactly that which of course was not liked by Ben Hilfenhaus.

But Ben and the Aussie cricketers and some Indian retired cricketers don't like what Kohli did and talked about. Why?

What is the fun taking abuses and bowing down? This is how my favorite Sourav Ganguly would have reacted and that is why he is loved by Indian cricket fans.

I feel Gavaskar's reprimand of Kohli's reaction is very cowardly. Please shut up Gavasakr! Don't keep losing all the respect you have earned!

Kohli, the only positive cricketer in the present Indian team is definitely the future captain of India!

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