Thursday, January 12, 2012

What is implied by educational philosophy?

Bertrand Russell 1907Image of Bertrand Russel.Indian Educational Philosophy
I let in the journalist and offered a rather uncomfortable seat took a similar one for me. He was there to interview on what educational philosophy I follow as a full time academician.

To be frank, I did not understand his question. I know only educational ethics, not any educational philosophies. He allowed me to take my time to answer.

I thought as he said. I told him I am inspired by few philosophers who were not necessarily attached to education. Bertrand Russel profoundly affected my notions about education.

J.Krishnamurthy's educational views and the way he has implemented his philosophies in his Rishi Valley school gave me some directions. His love for birds got my husband interested to visit his school in Madnapallee.

I think influenced by these noted philosophers but follwoing my own instinctive

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