Saturday, January 28, 2012

Looking for an upright electric bass with advanced features?

After responding to a local newspaper advertisement that said an upcoming band group wanted immediately a budding guitar player who is also comfortable with upright electric bass, my son went about in search of a used electric bass to practice.
Since he had three months time before he again went abroad, he decided to acquire some on stage experience with a new music instrument. As he had no idea on what kind of upright electric bass that the band group has, he called them to get the details. He was told that it was a Platino VE-500 model made of spruce.
My son is a self learner. He can pick up the features and nuances of any string instrument on his own quickly. Being an obedient son, he listened to my advice and hired an upright electric bass instead of buying a second hand instrument.
I was not at all surprised when he was hired for a short term by the band captain.
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