Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How do I send home acne remedy to Norway?

The smartly dressed customs officer did not believe my son when he vowed that the rather large jar which the officer pointed to contained home acne remedy. Poor boy, he was in no way to prove it. After all, even carefully prepared home acne remedies can’t heal a pimple in a few minutes just because a customs officer demanded!

My son did not mind the home acne remedy being confiscated; he only wished the officer make use of it which is made with his mother’s love! I am a bit embarrassed when he told that to the officer who was not moved by childish sentiment.

Now, I must find way to send another jar of home made acne remedy or I simply tell him to buy any one of the popular acne cure off the shelf. I think I would recommend Avecix, the cheapest of the top three acne cure products.

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