Saturday, March 26, 2011

Are there creatine supplements for women exclusively?

If you ask my feedback on some of the best creatine supplements, I would draw a blank because I have used only one product thus far and I have had no opportunities to compare with other creatine supplements.

Actually I did need any creatine supplements; my body produces sufficient amino acid. It is my husband who bought a chewable creatine tablet some years ago. He was playing tennis then and the effort took a toll on him at that age.

As ever, he quickly lost interest in Tennis (typical Gemini-eh?) and creatine building through supplements. The jar stared at me whenever I opened the fridge. I and my son shared the remains of creatine supplement.

No! At the end, none commented at me that I look anywhere like a sportswoman.

I think creative supplements are partial to women!

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