Monday, March 28, 2011

French Ordinateur for an Indian working in a Norwegian company.

The embarrassment was so much that we had to laugh it out. What else we can do? My son whose Norwegian boss is actually a Frenchman tried his best to convey in Norwegian that he needed a clean laptop because the one that was given to him carried viruses.

His boss too equally tried his best to make my son understand that he has to put up a written request, only; he used the word Ordinateurs instead of computers. Yes, the conversation could have been carried out in English but both of them decided to have a little fun and finally, French defeated Norwegian.

When my son narrated the incident, I told him I could have helped him out had re remembered that I studied French in college.

The boss gave a free lunch for all the tough time he gave to my son and a new ACER laptop.

Let me see if I can translate the above sentence.

Le patron a offert un déjeuner gratuit pour tous les moments difficiles qu'il a donné à mon fils et un ordinateur portable ACER nouvelle.

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