Friday, October 01, 2010

Live At The BBC - Hemant Kumar - Kahan Le Chale Ho

I know this for sure. Not many knows about this legendary singer Hemanth Kumar, a Benagali and the best music director that I would vote for. He was born in June 1920, in Varanasi.

I madly in love with his melodious voice and I have compiled many of his songs.

The song titled, "Kahan le chalo" is simply haunting. This song appeared in the film, "Durgesh Nandini", released in 1956.

When I first looked at his image, I was taken aback because of his resemblance to my father-in-law. Incidentally, it is my husband who made me listen to Hemanth Kumar in 1985, the year we married.

Man, am I crazy about his voice!


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