Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fastest barcode scanner is also the cheapest.

I had an unusual experience at the jewelry shop last week. The jewelry shop is always crowded. Since the festival season is in full swing, the shop was brimming with buyers.

However, surprisingly, the line at the cash counter moved faster than usual. I could not see what was happening at the counter. I could see happy faces walking out after paying the bill.

When my turn came, I saw a new barcode scanner that was erected on a stand. The smart girl operating the barcode scanner was all smiles as the scanner matched her speed.

I paid up through my credit card, walked up to the floor manager to express my admiration. He beamed with pride and informed that the speed of the barcode scanner is 230 scans per second.

Moreover, for all the extra speed, it cost the shop only $125. Unbelievable-eh?

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