Sunday, October 03, 2010

Are you on the wrong side of Accutane?

We all end up on the wrong side of taking some medicines but we just take the consequences in our stride and go on living as if nothing has happened.

However, exceptions cannot be ruled out. In such cases, the victims seek legal remedies. I remember a close business associate of mine successfully contended an Accutane lawsuit a few months before. Though the Accutane proved to be somewhat effective in treating his cystic acne, he suffered from ulcerative colitis, a side effect of taking Accutane.

I think he is not alone. Many Accutane legal battles are waged throughout the year though not all of them ended in favor of the victims. I believe Accutane is not sold anymore in several countries.

My business associate is now seriously considering becoming a personal injury lawyer to help victims of medicines.

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