Wednesday, October 20, 2010

This is a bullion special.

I have a treasure. It is a virtual gold mine for silver coins buff. (Nicely said-eh?) Some years ago, I received a gift that I still read occasionally whenever I write insightful articles on bullion silver coins.

The gift was a book on the Unites States early silver dollars written by Jules Reiver. The book was revelation to me. It pulled me out of my assumption that I already know quite a bit about buying rare American silver coins.

Even though I started buying the American silver coins, I found myself bored and started to learn about bullion coins of other nations. Being an avid bird watcher, I have a soft corner for bullion coins that have bird symbol on it.

Eagle is a majestic bird in flight; naturally, bullion coins with eagle on them attracted me. The Australian bird Kookaburra has held my fascination for long. When I found Australian Silver Kookaburra coin in the Internet, I started collecting it from odd places except the U.S. Gold Bureau, the world’s number one trusted source for authentic bullion coins.

By the way, are you aware of the special sale of bullion coins at dealers cost by the United States Gold Bureau? For more information, please call their toll free number 800-775-3504.

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