Saturday, March 01, 2014

I heard it clear; Did you?

The world is becoming noisy. Stage performers found it a necessity to have sound reproducing equipments that beat the external noise and still deliver high quality and undistorted sound. The evolution of speakers started and ended at good behringer eurolive b212d, a 550 WATT speaker system with a built in woofer which was also a part of the speaker evolution.

This speaker system is built based on a sound principle: “In order to overcome the external noise, you don’t have to shout more”.  I am sure this explains why this PA system is turning out to be the hot favorite in the music industry.

The said speaker (look at the image) makes you guess it is heavy. On the contrary, it is not considering the high quality 550 watt sound it delivers. It weighs only 16.32 KGs.
Built on Class D amplifier technology, it is meant to consume less power than speakers of same specifications.

What an invention!

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