Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Two ways to overcome Childhood Fears

Of all the fears we carry to our grave, fears that we picked from our childhood dominates other fears. Do you agree with me? None is an exception in this aspect. As children, we are more prone to develop fears because of our limited understanding capacity.

We could not understand the behavior of other children of our same age, our parent’s admonitions etc. It applies to our reasoning capacity in terms of identifying what is rational or irrational.  May be that is why childhood fears are always cited as irrational fears.

Nevertheless, we need to understand developing fear is completely normal. Irrational fears are more commonly known as childhood fears since they are not triggered by actual material world and are often imaginary.

It is an effect caused by the development of a child's mental and emotional activity, as well as exposure to new people or environment. However, a few also insist that childhood fears must be conquered as it can potentially be harmful and limiting for the child.  I agree with this view.

How do you overcome childhood fears?

Most individuals who suffer from childhood fears do not really learn to let go of that fear and as a result carry that fear with them even when they're grown up. This level of fear is often categorized as childhood trauma .

Here are two effective ways to face and conquer childhood fears that I happen to read recently. I am reproducing them here.

Confronting Fears
Recognizing fears is your first step towards finding overcoming it. Unless you identify the source of your fears, you will never be able to find a solution or treatment for it. Since most childhood fears are irrational, it is best to talk about it with your friends or family members. Talking enables you to release any emotional burden that you experience as an effect of these childhood fears. Though it seem rather easy, talking about your childhood fears to other people is never easy. However, you need to be open with this idea in order to relieve any tension.

Seeking Professional Help

If you are not open to the idea of discussing your fears with family or friends, then seeking professional help is the best step towards overcoming childhood fears. Psychological experts are equipped with the proper training and knowledge that would help people suffering from fears and traumas to release their fears. You can also benefit from seeking psychological help in order to deal with your childhood issues and let go of any fears that you had to deal with over the years.

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