Friday, March 14, 2014

After school activities.

The academic year is coming to an end and the students are waiting to break free from me. However, teacher’s duty is not yet over. For millions of parents around the world, the year does not end with the final school bell. There have to find ways to keep their children active throughout the holidays usefully.

Keeping children happy, teachers and parents have devise after school activities.  Teachers know that after school activities thrive only if they are backed by sufficient parental involvement.

Many children attend guitar or violin classes, followed by ballet and squeeze in some time for play dates in between just before they rush home in time for bed.

I am contemplating on drawing out some unique activities this year. I have looked into creative scrap books made by a few Aussie students. On a business perspective, I am thinking of motivating some students to learn wedding decoration.

Let me see how it all goes.

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