Monday, March 10, 2014

Sunny Isles and Sothebys-what a combination!

Looking constantly for a place to live for the rest of our life seems to be the one preoccupation for which there are no exceptions. This applies even to those who have just moved into a place of their choice after a long search.

We never seem to be happy with our chosen home when we see a real estate advertisement similar to sothebys miami that allures us with better neighborhood or more independence for a slightly higher price than our present house.

If wooded background is preferred by most of the Indians, then, beach side homes are all time favorite of Americans. When it comes to sea side living, Miami is the first choice of Americans. Miami offers a sea facing house for all. Condos beckon middle class people and villas and palatial bungalows are grabbed up by the rich and famous.

A distant cousin of mine recently moved into a condo in Sunny Isles, Miami built by Sotheby’s. When I looked the photographs, I came to understand why Miami is the most sought after place in America.  Just fantastic house.

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