Friday, February 28, 2014

Don't use free antivirus.

We all love anything that is given free even if we are loaded with funds. Despite knowing that whatever is given free won’t be equal to paid stuff, we can’t resist grabbing free offers.

This is particularly true with the case of free adware and spyware removal software. In addition, we unknowingly download free anti-virus software because come bundled with some other freeware and shareware programs.

Free virus shields work only to a certain extent. They can’t be relied to delete the virus that gotten into our hard disc. We are deceived into believing that we can save money by not buying paid anti-virus software.
We are aware that by simply browsing and visiting certain sites can harm our computer. These adware and spyware programs can be launched due to vulnerabilities in our Internet browser's security. This way, spyware and adware can automatically infect your system without us having to download anything.

We can definitely afford about $20 per year to shield our computer from adware and malware etc. It is the only way for us to work without constantly worrying about getting our system infected.

I am impressed with K7 antivirus software. 

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