Friday, February 07, 2014

Does your computer hangup frequently?

No one can escape from this vexing problem of computer hang s up. However experienced you are and whatever expensive brand of computer you may be using, you face these very annoying computer hangs up. At such times, re-boot after forcing to shut down. If you find it happening regularly, then warrants you to find the cause and fix the problem.

Before, you call in your computer technician; go over this checklist by yourself:

Check the operating temperature. The computer may shut down if this moves outside the desirable temperature range.  It is a known fact that for your system to run at the correct operating temperature it is important that air circulates freely in and around the case.

Next, examine the internal cooling fans and ensure that it is free of dust and grime.  Most of the computers usually have a cooling fan placed on top of the processor. This fan should be running freely without any noise.

If your computer still hangs up, call your computer repair man.

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