Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The earrings for straight hair beauties.

Earrings certainly enhance one’s appearance but if women choose properly, they can certainly command center of attraction in a social gathering. However, very few women are capable of choosing earrings that suit their face type. Women invariably select ear rings by color of the stones and by the type of them.

As far as I am concerned, dangler type earrings attract more than ear studs.  Pandora makes earrings that suit different types of faces. If star shaped ear studs suit square shaped faces with short and curly hair, then, danglers look lovely on women with straight and long hair who appear naturally aristocratic and poised.

In addition, I would say women should not opt for white stones embedded earrings even if it means expensive diamonds. The colors should be always red, blue, pink or green. Other colors may appear beautiful but only at close quarters.

Here is a pair of Pandora Pink Pave ear danglers that I intend to buy next month.  It is made of sterling silver and the stone is pink zirconium.
Pandora earrings for straight hair women

Aren’t they lovely?

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