Monday, February 24, 2014

The slide whistle that becomes a top seller.

The music reviewer was unusually critical about a flute player that I like very much. The review read, “The sound was similar to a slide whistle”. I gasped because I know a slide whistle is generally used as an accompanying music instrument to create just a side effect. I have seen it used in road shows to create awareness of social issues.

Have you seen a slide whistle? If not, look at the image of a slide whistle at wwbw and you will understand the sound from it won’t’ be anything similar to the sound from a flute though it looks like a flute at the first glance.

You would be amused to know that the slide whistle also carries a name, ‘piston flute’. A bit of digging on this wind instrument revealed that actually, one can produce some tunes with it though I believe there won’t be any takers. That is why I thought the music critic was a bit too harsh on my favorite flutist who was unfortunate to run into this well known music journalist.

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