Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Which country performs better when touring?

The criticism of Dhoni's captaincy is really unwarranted. Just because India lost two series away, it doesn't mean Dhoni did not lead well. Which country performs better when touring?

Australia lost the ashes in England.
England lost the ashes in Australia.
Australia is now about to lose in South Africa.

Every country that comes to India are beaten black and blue. It is the same story everywhere. Every country performs better when they are playing in their own places.

I am surprised Dravid too joined others and shouted for Dhoni's removal. I don't think Kholi is a leader material. His volatile temper is not good for leadership. Sure, he is the best batsman currently in Indian team but asking him to lead the Indian team as if he is the best, is not correct. He will not set a good example as a captain.

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