Tuesday, February 04, 2014

How many shapes of diamond you know.

If you ask me “how many shapes of diamond that I have seen, I would say one or two. I wear a hexagonal diamond and my sister wears a round one. Yesterday, when a diamond merchant, a friend of my husband showed a heart shaped diamond, I was speechless.

He further surprised me when he opened his diamond jewelry catalogue that showed several other shaped diamonds that include:

·             Pear diamonds
·             Asscher diamonds
Asscher diamond

·             Emerald diamonds
·             Oval diamonds
·             Heart diamonds
·             Princess diamonds
·             Radiant diamonds
·             Marquis diamonds

Another interesting bit of informed opened up my eyes widely. He said the same ring worn on two different hands can also look quite different, based on the size of the hands.  Can you believe it?

Is there a difference between diamond shapes and diamond cut?

Like so many novices, I too was under the impression that the shape of the diamond is decided by the diamond cutters. I learnt from the diamond merchant that the cut of a diamond refers to how the artisan maximizes the features of the gemstone by creating angles and details, making the light go into the diamond whereas diamond shapes mean the actual geometric shape of the diamond, whether it is round or oval, emerald or heart shaped.   

My sister then asked him which shape of diamond is the most sought after for which he told her that the most commonly purchased diamond shape for engagement rings is the round diamond and any other diamond shape is not preferred by majority of the people.

Image courtesy: http://www.diamondsbylauren.com/index.php/jewelry/loose-colorless-diamond-193ct-ksi2-asscher-cut-fantastic-cut-r4863

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