Saturday, December 03, 2011

What is the best price for a refurbished desktop PC?

I was stunned when I began my search for refurbished computers that I need to buy for my mathematics academy, not because of the various options but because of confusing words. Refurbished computers are also sold as ‘reused computers’, ‘recycled computers’ and ‘end of life computers’. Naturally, I had to postpone my purchase before I educated myself properly about what are the differences between them.

Though the computer prices have fallen a lot since I bought my first computer 12 years ago, I know it is not advisable to buy new computers to teach school students who are not likely to use them with caution.

In addition, I have no budget for 8 new computers; that is the reason for my shopping for used computers that are sold after refurbishing and still come with limited period warranty.

What do you think is the best price for a refurbished desktop PC that has a one year old configuration?

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