Saturday, December 17, 2011

Never buy PLR article without consulting me.

My procrastination finally ended when I dusted off the PLR stuff on interesting and amazing subjects that forgotten or not discussed any longer. Don’t you believe me?

For example, what do you know about the term called "operating principles" that the mankind has taken for granted even though they can be called lies because they cannot be just logically explained?

The title, “Useful lies” would definitely make anyone to sit up and read further. They are beliefs which cannot be proven but still they are harmless. In fact, they do good to us.

As I skimmed through that PLR article, I concluded it was a hopeless article and could not at all justify the title.

However, I decided to compile a series of blog posts on ‘useful lies’ though with a different perspective.

Stay tuned!

Oh yes, never buy PLR article without consulting me. In addition, don’t ever accept free PLR. They are pure junk.

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