Monday, October 31, 2011

Paper shower is useful for wipe on the go.

The video chat session with my son is a routine. Every Sunday, he would come online at 4.00 PM and it would go on till 6.30 PM. Yes, it is all personal between a mother and her only son living in Norway.

Last Sunday, he excused himself for a slight delay. He wanted to take a bath. He came back in less than 2 minutes! How can anyone take a bath in just two minutes?

My son told me that he took a paper shower!

I sat up bolt straight. Paper Shower! Now, this is getting weird. My son then showed a pack of paper towelettes, one wet and one dry. All you need to do is use the wet towelette first and then use the dry one to wipe off the moisture. It is pretty effective he said.

Hmmm.. I am sure paper shower should be made available in Indian trains and it would be a definite hit among passengers.

Wipe on the go.

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