Friday, October 14, 2011

Headrush headphones are sold hot!

The bloggers conference sponsored by Tata Grande and organized by Indi Blogger was poorly covered by the news media that always seem to be partial to pleasant events in the world. Don’t you think so?

A half an hour before the conference started, I entered the hall, made my way to a group who hurriedly took off the headphones to greet me except a gentleman who kept his good looking headphone where it is supposed to be.

This made me take a second look at him and also at his headphones that certainly looked different from the stale looking black headphones. Ah, that must be the reason for him to display it. He wanted to show off his headphones.

I normally don’t restrain myself from admiring anything that stands apart. The knowledge thus gained helps me in being a blogger of diverse subjects.

His headphones (image below) details that I gathered are:

· HeadRush Aftershock Bass Headphones ( sorry, not heard of before)

· 40-watt sound

· Gold plated plug for maximum sound

· Bought it online from The Source (

Nice purchase eh? What better place to show his new look headphones than a bloggers conference?

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