Monday, October 17, 2011

The one stop place for RV insurance.

Would living on the road for the next six months in a motor home require me to opt for additional coverage while buying rv insurance? When I raised this question on the search engines, I was a bit overwhelmed with the information.

I had a tough time filtering the search results. Even after clicking on a dozen links, I stood where I began. I refused to allow the frustration set in. I rephrased my search terms. At last, just before giving up, I read that it is wise to talk to the insurance people directly and find out if they have people on their sales team that deal specifically with motor home insurance.

Drawing a blank, I again took refuge in the web and found out Good Sam, the ultimate destination for motor home lovers. The insight I gained left me speechless. Now, I feel I can take up the career of an insurance agent for recreational vehicles.

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