Sunday, October 23, 2011

Most effective anti aging elixir.

With no shame or decency whatsoever, I stared with immense appreciation at the man sitting opposite to me at the eye clinic. His facial skin literally glowed. Suddenly I remembered. He must be using that expensive Argan oil which is reported to be the most effective anti aging elixir.

Argan oil irons out the creases, thwarts acne and even said to prevent psoriasis. Yes, that is how I remembered Argan oil. My dermatologist told me about this antioxidant oil from Morocco when she diagnosed psoriasis for me.

Natural skin care tonic
The oil is extracted from Argan tree, a native of Morocco. Beauty parlors have started using this natural skin care tonic widely.

The good looking man who must be above 45 caught me and smiled at me which was breathtakingly captivating.

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