Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Indian banks are kicking its customers.

Inflation is on the prowl. Indian economists can't come up with anything productive to check the inflation. As a quick resort, they lay their feet on the coward Indians (including I) and force them to pay more against their home loans.

But what about home loan agreement?-you cry.

What? I did not hear you!-say the banks.

Banks hike rates. The reaction is felt even when we are paying for less frequent expenses. The Indian economists, finance professionals slowly lead the Indian citizens towards a situation where they are forced to miss a repayment or two triggering in a financial collapse just like America.

Banks in India are spineless corporate who never do anything in gratitude to their customers in any way. They keep eating, satisfy their employees' demands, feed the RBI coffers and kick us where it hurts most.

This guest blog post by R.Badrinarayanan is in reaction to the 15% hike in loam loan repayments.

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