Wednesday, October 19, 2011

English cricketer Patel resorts to ancient trick.

If a cricket team just vanquished the world champions, naturally their pride would be high on the world. However, what if the same team starts losing to the same world champions with in a few weeks? Their pride will hit the dirt. Oh yes, it is natural and understandable too.

The next natural thing would be for any such team would be to pull up their socks and try to play a better cricket. That is what a true sportsman would do!

Oh no! Not us says the English cricket man Samit Patel. I am sure his name would not ring a bell among genuine cricket lovers. Therefore, let me introduce him to you. Samit Patel plays for England cricket team and bats somewhere lower.

I don't know how he bats but he surly can play cricket with his mouth. He declared grandly that the entire English team is going to abuse the Indian cricket team on the ground. The euphemism for that brave act is 'sledging'.

He is quoted saying that England would carry on sledging in an attempt to "get the Indians out of their comfort zone." (Source:

Of course Mr.Patel, we don't expect anything more from you.

--->Yeah, that's him-Samit Patel

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