Saturday, October 06, 2007

Which trip planner you depend on?

People mock at us for trivial reasons. Yes, I also did that due to ignorance.

I took upon my sister’s soft corner for short people; I amused myself on others’ inability to decide fast; I criticized my husband for his choice of English dictionary.

I did all these until I realized the folly of it. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and trusts. When people searched blogs for true travel experiences, I chided them saying that they are trusting on vague facts and figures.

But, when I started blogging on places to see, I expected every reader of my blog to treat me as their travel guide and wanted them to post my blog entries on social search engines that focus on travel.

I now realize that blogs on travel are great resources to learn from people who have written about their true travel experiences.

For some of the best places to visit, I like to refer It has ‘Editor’s picks’ that tells you about rare places in the world that many are not aware of. Yes, this is what I call as a true travel guide.

Another fantastic and unique feature that is not found in any other online travel guides is the facility to browse places based on the things you want to do such as wildlife viewing and horse riding.

I request you to visit just once and then decide whether it is worthy to bookmark or not.

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