Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A gift for Christams from Nokia.

I changed my mind but it took me two years. But now I am a fan of Nokia mobile phones.

My first cell phone was Motorola. I bought it four years ago. Looking back, it must have been in a museum already. The current models from LG and Nokia are simply fantastic technologically.
The price of the mobile phones have come down drastically.

But whenever a new model is introduced, they fix a very high price. After a few months, another model pushes the price of the previous model down.

As per the blog post of James, Nokia is coming out with Nokia N810, Nokia’s Internet Tablet phone ( picture below) and the successor to the N800. It apparently will have the Mozilla browser, full GPS and room to expand storage to 10GB. There is also a huge 4″ screen and, the major improvement from the N800, a full qwerty keyboard. It is expected in the UK before Christmas and should retail for about £299 minus SIM.

Gratitude to: Mighty gadget Blog.

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