Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Why do we need an adtracker?

The affordability factor alone makes me not go in for an adtracker. I fully agree the value of tracking the online advertisements we all give to attract more visitors and thereby increase the chances of more sales.

With as low as $50 budget, one can opt for PPC advertising or undertake a low budget email marketing or a much lower PTR method. Ok, sales are trickling in, we feel elated that our investment is paying off.

But, if we deploy an adtracker strategy in our ad campaigns, we can narrow down the source of sales, increase our spending in that area and cut down the non-productive avenues.

For example, if our initial budget is $50 spread over two different campaigns and we come to identify which campaign is more productive by tracking properly, we can eliminate the second campaign and concentrate on the first one.

So, with only $25, if we get a sale of $100, we tweak our ROI for a better ratio.

Shall we search for an ideal ad tracker?

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