Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Troodos Mountains of Cyprus.

Cyprus- the island of Aphrodite is not so very popular among travelers but a haven for serenity lovers and I can call myself as one.

I was attracted by the information in a Cyprus Vacation Guide that one can ski on the snow tipped Troodos Mountains and the very same day swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean sea.

As promised, this website is a tourist guide in the true sense with loads of useful information on getting there with cheap flights, hotels and resorts, what to see around, the food and drinks and of course the best time to visit etc.

There is an amusing activity that takes place on January 6th and the festival is called Epiphany. The children of this sun-drenched island love this religious festival as part of the celebrations is diving into the cold sea and retrieving the cross the Priests throw in to bless the sea.

Here is some unique food named Mezedhes. This comes in thirty or more little dishes which include stuffed vine leaves, cheeses (like haloumi and kaskavalli), calamari, spicy sausages such as loukanika and pastourma and keftedes (small meat balls) and kebabs.

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