Monday, July 01, 2013

How to convert a bar soap into a liquid soap?

Did you ever come across a paper soap? I received a sample of it 30 years before from Punjab. A small booklet containing ten leaves of paper coated with perfumed soap was a brilliant idea. It was meant to be a traveler friendly soap. The idea behind was to highlight the disadvantages of a soap bar while travelling.

I suppose that inspired someone to invent a liquid soap, another traveler friendly soap. I still believe paper soap was better than liquid soap.In addition, you are assured of a soap that is free of infection due to multi-users.

Can you make your own liquid soap at your home?

Yes! I read a wonderful 'how to' article in The surprising factor in the articles is, it explained how to convert a bar soap into a liquid soap.

Yeah, I know you are interested.

Please read the article here.

Look at the image below. Isn't it a creative liquid soap dispenser?

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