Thursday, July 18, 2013

A brilliant business idea of a swimming pool owner.

The local newspaper published a cover story appreciating the innovative advertisement by a swimming pool owner. Though the pool is widely patronized, the majority of them were youth. Noticing many plus size people, especially women stayed away from using his pool, he put up an ad and circulated flyers that announced half a day session exclusively open to plus size women. Others were not allowed to use the swimming pool during that time.

This attracted a good crowd of women who were shy of their sizes till then. Utilizing this novel move, a swim wear dealer put up a stall at the entrance of the pool selling plus size modest swimwear and offered a discount too.

 A more enterprising businessman who is actually a swimming trainer came forward to print his coaching institute’s logo on the plus size swimsuits.

The rest is history and a shrewd reported covered the entire series of events.

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