Saturday, July 06, 2013

Cheese and corn biscuits.

Whenever my husband's sister visits us from the U.S., we all put on weight, increase our blood glucose level and get lazy. She would cases of biscuits, cookies, chocolates and cheeses that would not have been tasted by an average Madrasi. Unless, you have a relative living in the U.S. and he or she occasionally visits you and of course has the heart to give you those relishes, you are missing something heavenly.

This time, she brought with her a few new varieties of biscuits and one of them is made of cheddar cheese and cornmael. When I read the ingredients just by smelling and not by looking at the label on the pack, I could smell the presence of small onions that not known to many Indians except by the people from Tamilnadu.

However, the label did not mention 'onion' among the ingredients. When I read it again, there it was, 'chives' which is the other name for small onions' leaves. We know it by the name of spring onions.

Our favorite Sambar Vengayam has another name!

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