Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Boast about your Bose AE2 headphone.

Till date I regret having missed buying a bose ae2 headphone by just a few hours. I generally don’t search for anything because I really don’t want anything. Still, I end up buying several gadgets a year because I am an impulsive buyer, not an informed shopper.

I have friends all over the world. They use to share their purchases, travel experience and even restaurant visits. When I look at their shared images of products, I buy just like that without thinking whether I want it or not.

That is how I bought a Shure SRH440 headphone. I love the comfort it gives but when I saw the Bose Ae2, my face fell. I have heard about Bose brand of entertainment gadgets; I could have easily boasted about my purchase online.

Oh, well, may be I would find someone ready to exchange their Bose headphone with my Shure headphone.

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