Thursday, February 02, 2012

Traveling to France? You need these.

It was not much of a task to find some frequently used French words that we need while in France. It is my son's first trip to Paris. He would be in Paris in a couple of days.

I searched for all the important words in French. In less than 2 minutes I found a big list of words and typed them out.

Here are they:
I don’t understand - Je ne comprends pas
Where? – Où?
yes - oui
no - non
Thank you - merci
Sorry - desolé
Help! - Au secours!
Do you have - Avez-vous
How much?- Combien?
I would like a room-Je voudrais une chambre

The funny thing is I studied French for two years at my college and I remember very few of the above.

Au revoir.


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