Monday, February 20, 2012

Can a novice handle Rane DJ mixer?

I don’t know how my ex-colleague remembered that my husband once worked in a radio station. Out of nowhere, she called me to inquire if my husband knows anything about handling Rane dj mixers. My husband was only a part time DJ and he only worked with turn tables and tape decks. I am sure he is not familiar with modern DJ mixers.
Nevertheless, my husband agreed to meet my friend to find out her exact requirements. Before the scheduled appointment, he did his research in the internet, visited several music related forums, looked for interviews of DJs and listed out three top DJs.
He then emailed them with his queries on the features of DJ mixers and which DJ mixer is suitable for a total novice.
Since he is basically a self learner, he was confident to try his hand on the Rane DJ mixer. The funny thing is he doesn’t have great ears for music. However, he possesses an uncanny ability to operate any gadgets by just fidgeting with them for a few minutes.
I am sure he can be of some use to my friend.
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