Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How Often Should You Have a Tarot Reading?

I gave a blank stare to this question. Though I know a little bit about Tarot cards, I never experimented. To be frank, I am never eager to know what is coming tomorrow. Life would be so dull without surprises. That is why I don’t consult an astrologer nor show my hand to palm readers.

Psychic mediums and Tarot card reading are not my favorite though I frequently write about them in my blogs.

Actually, no one can answer “How often should I have a Tarot Card reading?" It depends on individuals’ purpose. May be once in two months would be suffice for ardent believers in astrology. For casual inquirers, tarot reading once in a year would satisfy their curiosity.

I think tarot reading won’t answer several questions at a time similar to horoscope revelations or palmistry. If you are looking to solve one issue at a time, such as a new job opening or trying out new business venture, you can ask that question to an experienced Tarot card reader who is adept at using limited cards.

I always try to discourage people from becoming over dependent on divination.

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