Thursday, April 07, 2011

What are unpopped kernels known as?

As we sat down-there were 5 of us to watch the final between India and Sri Lanka world cup cricket match, I distributed a bowl of freshly made, butter flavored popcorn to all after assuring them I will get them more as the match gets heated up.

This cheered them up instantly. My husband, as ever started showing off his general knowledge by throwing a question as to why every movie theaters sold popcorn. As usual, he didn't wait for an answer. He told us that movie theater owners make 90% profit out of every bag of popcorn sold.

Another gang member told that Christopher Columbus introduced the popcorn to the westerners.

I chipped in with my own bit of trivia. It is a native American tribe that brought the popcorn to the American settlers.

You might have noticed that there are always some kernels that remain unpopped. Thy are called spinsters.

When I next served tea, I prohibited anyone to talk about tea trivia and just concentrate on cheering up the Indian cricketers.

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