Monday, April 04, 2011

Watching the World Cup cricket with a soccer enthusiast.

Watching the World Cup cricket match with a soccer enthusiast was a different experience and challenging too because, he did not know a thing about cricket.

He could talk for hours about the soccer matches that enthralled the word, the soccer trophies won by every nation, profile of world famous soccer players.

I had to tell him so many things about cricket as we watched the final between India and Sri Lanka live on television. The ‘free hit’ is similar to the free hit in soccer.

He could not understand why some decisions are referred back to the television. He felt that the on-field umpires are betrayed.

The soccer fan could identify several celebrities in the stadium and he told me that one of them also watches soccer avidly.

He immensely admired the shining and big World CUP and confessed that the soccer trophies were smaller. I thought he felt offended.

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