Monday, April 11, 2011

Sound frequencies that induce sleep.

Sound sleep or deep sleep-why it is not consistent for us? I believe none is spared irrespective of financial status, religion, creed and what not!

This is one area it seems we have no control because of our life pattern, our negative emotions, food timings and so on. The blissful sleep solely depends on how we have spent the entire day.

The sound engineers and mind power experts have been experimenting on various sound frequencies that induce sleep artificially for us. Delta frequency can induce sleep is their final conclusion. That was a few years ago.

Later, they have discovered low Delta frequencies that guarantee deep sleep. This is now recoded in mild musical beats and sold as CDs.

I got one complimentary copy of the Binaural Beats and I tried it. Yes, it worked better than a sleeping pill.

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